August 14th trip: A write-up by Parvathy: Staff and parent at Bubbles centre

My daughter and I had a wonderful experience during our trip to Hallenijgal. It was as close to nature we could get as possible. The lush green fields, the tractor ride, the walk through the fields and amidst the village houses and cattle.. it was truly an undescribable experience.

We were touched by the kindness and openness of the villagers. The best part was that our kids were able to interact freely with the village school children, which is a huge benefit.
I hope we will be able to take our kids more often to get such exposure which is key to their development.


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Bubbles Learning Centre For Autism

The intent of creating an online space for Bubbles Learning Centre is to target a wider audience and to help autistic children reach us at a much earlier stage.

There are very few schools in Bangalore who cater to children with autism. We have very specific programs addressing each of their deficits in skills such as language and communication, play and social skills.

Apart from this, we run an early intervention programme where in skill training is given with a holistic approach.

In Bubbles, we ensure that the student-teacher ratio is small, typically around 1:2.

We lay emphasis on the overall development of the child and enable them to lead independent lives.

Parent empowerment, family counselling, training and their involvement is given major priority in the training process.

The purpose of the counselling sessions is to promote the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and economic well-being of families. The intent is to help the parents understand the full potential of their children and in training the children to achieve the same.