About Us

Bubbles Learning & Activity Centre was established in 2003 with a small group of 4 children as an integrated pre-school program. With the increase in demand for services, we started three separate programs such as Early Intervention, Language through play & Social skill training program. Today, Bubbles Centre for Autism is a unit of Biswa Gouri Charitable Trust which provides educational programs for children with learning difficulties. The centre focusses on working with children in the Autism Spectrum and other neuro developmental disorders.

The Board of Trustees
Biswa Gouri Charitable Trust is honoured to have a select group of caring parent/professionals from diverse background who serve as honorary board members and offer their guidance and expertise to promote the organisation's mission and values. Although their knowledge and expertise is varied, they share a common passion of improving the lives of children and families affected by Autism.

Sarbani Mallick, Founder Director/ Managing Trustee
Elizabeth Albuquerque, Secretary
Amitava Mukherji, Trustee
Umesh Naidu, Trustee

We have a dedicated group of teachers who are trained and experienced in early childhood development and learning. We regularly attend seminars and conferences and participate in certified workshops to keep in touch with the latest in the field of education. We network closely with reputed institutions and professionals in our field (national and international) to help create a multidisciplinary team for our children.

The staff consists of 16 teachers and dear old Leela.

Staff profile:

Sarbani Mallick: Founder Director/Managing Trustee

Vidhya: Educator

Sumana Dutta: Special Educator

Akshayee Shetty : Digital/ Media Artist

Nassr Ibin Arif: Adapted Physiacl therapist

Sonal Saldanha : Speech and Language therapist

Suma Shastri: Educator

Rosalind Debrass: Music Teacher

Meenakshy Kavassery: Montessori Teacher/ Early Intervention therapist

Mubin: Educator

Kavitha Krishnamoorthy: Art Educator

Sumathi Ramjee: Art based therapist

Kavitha Venkatesh : Special Educator

Moli Bhattacharya : Educator

Nadine: Educator

Vani Tewari : Educator

Mangla : Library

Hemavathi: Assistant Teacher

Arjun: Games Teacher
Leela: Support Staff

Sarojamma: House keeping

Our friends:

  • Kalyan Mallick
  • Dr. Debasis Basak
  • P. N. Sadhu
  • Jija Hari Singh
  • Dr. Sushama Nagarkar
  • Pritam Sinha
  • Adrian Albuquerque
  • AACTION , Chicago
  • Rakesh Barnwal
  • Liz Allam Doel
  • Paromita Sen Harshan
  • Karen Visovsky
  • Nilima Mukherjee
  • Heather Lambert
  • Geeta Mondol
  • Ruchi Dewan
  • Achinto Lal Roy
  • Louise Taylor
  • Abhijit Deb
  • Diana Tholoor
  • Vijay Manchanda
  • Dia Pinto
  • Arlene Kaplan
  • Anand Mahajan
  • Jennifer Gous
  • Harshan
  • Jacqueline Chandani
  • Volunteers at Bubbles Centre
  • Parents at Bubbles centre


Bubbles Learning Centre For Autism

The intent of creating an online space for Bubbles Learning Centre is to target a wider audience and to help autistic children reach us at a much earlier stage.

There are very few schools in Bangalore who cater to children with autism. We have very specific programs addressing each of their deficits in skills such as language and communication, play and social skills.

Apart from this, we run an early intervention programme where in skill training is given with a holistic approach.

In Bubbles, we ensure that the student-teacher ratio is small, typically around 1:2.

We lay emphasis on the overall development of the child and enable them to lead independent lives.

Parent empowerment, family counselling, training and their involvement is given major priority in the training process.

The purpose of the counselling sessions is to promote the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and economic well-being of families. The intent is to help the parents understand the full potential of their children and in training the children to achieve the same.