Learning Programmes

Language thro play ( An after school program)

Lang thro play at BUBBLES Centre is an after school program where we work on functional use of language to facilitate play, interaction, communication and take them towards maximum inclusion in the school and community.

Target group:

The program is best suited for children who

> Are between the age 4 – 12 years
> Have a language and communication disorder
> Are in a mainstream school
> Have poor play ground and classroom skill

Target skills:

> Play skills – both indoor and outdoor games
> Enhancing expression – building spontaneity
> Basic conversational skills
> Sharing ideas
> Understanding emotions
> Classroom behavior – completion and submission of worksheets
> Music and movement

Key components of language thro play program:

> Thrice a week for one hour a day
> Formal assessment conducted before intervention
> Quarterly evaluations are done after completion of each module
> Theme based approach
> Parent empowerment program to support continued growth and maintenance in play and lang. skills

The social competence program

The program works towards building skills such as, waiting for turn in a group, playing simple turn taking games, basic social interaction, imitation skills and attending skills and other adaptive behavior skills.

Target group:

> Children who are between the age 3 – 12 years
> Children with developmental delays, such as ASD, ADHD, PDD and slow learners
> Children who show deficits in social skills in home, school or community

Target skills:

> Attending skills ( in a group)
> Imitation skills
> Social reciprocity
> Play skills (games with simple rules)
> Verbalizing emotions
> Gross motor skills

Key features of the social competence program:

> Once a week for two hours ( on Saturday)
> Siblings are involved and form the role models during the session
> Once enrolled, parental support is necessary to ensure continuous growth and maintenance of the skill

Early intervention program

The half day program at BUBBLES , is primarily for children in the Autism Spectrum or with other neurodevelopmental disorders. Individualized educational programs form the basis of intensive intervention where working towards independence and the overall development of the child are the primary goals.
Early identification of developmental delay and intervention increases the chances for a positive outcome.

Target group:

> Children between the ages 2 yrs and 8 years
> Children who have a diagnosis of an ASD or neurodevelopmental disorder
> Children who have significant delays or concerns in three of the following areas : speech, communication, social skills, emotional regulation, behavior, adaptive skills, play skills

Target skills:

> Establishing pre requisite learning behaviors
> Build on cognitive/social/ play/ motor skills.
> Enhance language & communication skills
> Emphasis on Activities of daily living, and work on developing a repertoire of leisure skills.
> Ability to work independently following a visual time table
> Enable the child to work in a group
Program features:

> Individual assessment and educational planning
> Learning outcomes based on the child’s needs
> Specialized and structured resource materials
> Periodic review and evaluation
> Parent involvement/ empowerment & training

Structured Teaching

Procedure-oriented programmes are conducted for the autistic children in Bubbles. For example, different sets of activities are lined out for children during the day, like prayer, classtime, lunch, playtime and hometime. After the completion of each activity, the children are made to place the activity cards in the list of completion. This helps them know as to what is expected from them during the course of the day.

Bubbles staff visit the homes of autistic children once a month to ensure that they are able to adapt their learnings from school in their day-day activities. Bubbles also focuses on the mainstream integration for the children



Bubbles Learning Centre For Autism

The intent of creating an online space for Bubbles Learning Centre is to target a wider audience and to help autistic children reach us at a much earlier stage.

There are very few schools in Bangalore who cater to children with autism. We have very specific programs addressing each of their deficits in skills such as language and communication, play and social skills.

Apart from this, we run an early intervention programme where in skill training is given with a holistic approach.

In Bubbles, we ensure that the student-teacher ratio is small, typically around 1:2.

We lay emphasis on the overall development of the child and enable them to lead independent lives.

Parent empowerment, family counselling, training and their involvement is given major priority in the training process.

The purpose of the counselling sessions is to promote the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and economic well-being of families. The intent is to help the parents understand the full potential of their children and in training the children to achieve the same.