Bubbles outing to Kotebetta, Mandya: March 26th, 27th-2011





Write-up by Gina, mother of Samved

A short camping trip to Kotebetta with the Bubbles family turned out to be one of the best holidays I've experienced. Whatever apprehensions I had disappeared the moment I stepped into the bus with my son, Samved. The weekend got off to a great start thanks to the volunteers and staff who turned what could have been a dreary 3 hour trip into a joyride!

Time flew quickly once we reached the camping site. The kids were kept busy with a number of activities which would have been difficult to access in Bangalore - the Burma loop, the zip line, the boat ride as well as the swings and rope ladders, thoughtfully arranged by the Bubbles staff. The trek was an eye opener to many parents who were surprised by the endurance of their kids (and themselves!). The night brought with it an interactive story telling session and singing around a campfire. Though Sammy had dozed off by this time, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The icing on the cake was the night we spent in the tents which was a first time for almost all of us.

The volunteers at the campsite did a wonderful job of making sure that we were comfortable. The food provided was delicious and the bedding more than adequate.

Our children were faced with difficult challenges in an unfamiliar environment but they handled whatever came their way with incredible confidence.

I hope that our next overnight trip would involve the same staff and volunteers who helped make this one a memorable outing. I would like to thank the drivers and attendants of the bus who ensured that we had a safe journey. A special thanks to the weather Gods with whose help the Bubbles family had 2 spectacular days of fun!

By Nilima Mukherji, Pune

'Neel, look!', said Sarbani,'God has protected the seed so well....' We marvelled at yet another miracle of nature- the frail precious seed of the Jacaranda, delicately embedded between thin robust sheets of protective petals, waiting to be dispersed by the wind. The wind blew and the the seeds rained on us like blessings. They danced to the delightful song of the wind and flew with it , to a promised land of a new life. They would sprout there and make it their home.

This was enough to set the thoughts running! We see in others what we are ourselves.... I thought of the children, the parents, the volunteers. Each year, we come together - the promised land, trying to sprout, live a new experience, learn amidst nature....and who better a teacher than the master himself?

The trek was the OT session - as large as it could get! The steep slopes of the hill were the ramps to walk up and down, to jump and run as the intuition insisted. The freedom and the dangers were perceived, there was no need for directives and words. The children walked on, with mothers tagging alongside - not a word of complaint! They ran and jumped and laughed at the wind blowing in their joyful faces! It was a beautiful sight.Their spirit never fails to amaze me!

The rope courses were not mere thrills, they were devised to overcome the deep fear of the unknown, something that could not be easily achieved as a classroom goal. And the rafting was the relaxing meditative session - the water having an exciting - calming effect on the little ones. The music and the movement sessions were an integral part of all the activities - the rhythm of the water, the blowing wind, the chirping birds, the patterns in the sky - they found a chord in each heart.

It was a communion! I feel grateful I was part of it...I think all the session were covered in great details. And the learnings? They will stay for a lifetime!

By Shruthi, Mother of Pratinav

Writing this to thank you for the amazing experience we had in Kotebetta. Camping trips are all about getting out of our comfort zones, making do with limited resources, having new experiences, and having loads of fun. This is quite a challenge for our kids since they have serious issues with change in routine, new places and rigidity in adapting to new experiences and not to forget anxiety in dealing with pretty much everything

Kotebetta trip was an eye opener for me because it gave me a clear picture of how much Prana has evolved since Bubbles happened to him. It was heartening to see my little fellow(whom I had nick named Velcro) venture out alone, do tasks independently, bond with his peers, strike a conversation and enjoy himself thoroughly. I see him at peace and more accepting. It’s hard to believe that this is the same child who had to be coaxed into entering your office room few months back.

I have always wanted my child to be able to lead an independent and dignified life .I aspire for him to be able to contribute constructively to the society .Not much to ask for in most children I guess. But I know how difficult it is for us to get there.

I really owe it you Sarbani. You do have magic in you. You’ve touched our lives in so many ways. You’ve given me so many reasons to smile, to be proud of and most importantly something to look forward to. With you by his side Iam sure Pratinav will make us very happy and proud.Iam so glad that we are a part of the 'Bubbles Family'. To merely call it a school or a centre is like describing your ‘mother’ as a ‘just another lady’.

Here’s wishing lot more happiness, new experiences and the courage to face whatever new challenges that life throws our way.

God bless you Sarbani.

By Vani, Mother of Kabir Tewari

This mail comes in rather late but I'm glad I could finally get down to writing it. The camping trip last week, organised by Bubbles was one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences we ever had. Speaking both, as a parent of a child with special needs and a participant myself, I can say that it was truly a very fulfilling experience.

I would like to thank Bubbles school for providing us this opportunity and to be a part of this endeavour where we could let our kids spend time outdoors, to not just play and have fun, but also to experience and adapt to the nature in its true element. As parents we did have our share of doubts and concerns whether our kids would be able to stay away from home, overnight, in a tent, with no electricity, no TV, limited space, mosquitoes, whether they would eat properly etc. etc. And this element of doubt made the trip seem like a mammoth task.

However, I have to admit, that the kids knew better! Not only did they have fun on the trip, there were no tantrums, no stimming, no inappropriate behaviour which one might observe in the rather sterile environment of our home. They played, enjoyed the low rope courses, had a great time trekking, enjoyed the company of other kids and parents, participated enthusiastically in the story session and the bon fire. The water rafting activity was very popular with each and every one of them and the kids managed very well sans the parents on board! Staying in the tent was a totally indescribable experience. We hitherto never had this opportunity, so this was the most thrilling experience of all. Kabir not only adapted well to this but also quite enjoyed being in the tent.

I would like to express my great appreciation and gratitude for the way everything was organised. Right from the clean, safe, comfortable Buses in which we travelled, to the camping site which was impeccably clean and there was very good arrangement for food, water and bathrooms. The teachers and volunteers and organisers took very good care of each and every one of us and we really had the time of our lives!

Thank you again Sarbani Ma'm for seeing the potential in our kids and for providing them (and more importantly the parents) this opportunity for self realization. We eagerly look forward to many such excursions, and, with the confidence that you have instilled in us, I'm sure even more enriching experiences await us!


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