Bubbles Outing, April 2010: A write-up by Neel

Like pilgrim following his calling, I come to Bubbles each year. And each year is a different experience.

As I look at the kids, I realize, they've grown taller, smarter, more active, doing much more than what they had started with. I see more smiles around, more peace. I see Sharbani, the teachers and staff, the parents and the kids, all together as a team, trying hard to overcome the difficulties, one step at a time, with ever-growing dedication, enjoying the milestones and the journey. I feel blessed to be part of this family.

This year, when we took the kids for the overnight camp, quite a few of the myths I had believed in, were broken. It was truly an eye opening experience. One concern was how would the kids relate to this totally new inexperienced wilderness? How do we keep them occupied all the time? Would it be too hot? Too tiring? Too difficult?

But I was in for quite a few surprises! The kids loved the outdoors. There was no restlessness on their part. They were patiently waiting for their turns. They wanted to experience every activity. And they wanted to do the most thrilling ones like river-crossing over and over again! In fact some kids complained that they were not allowed to do it as many times as the others! They were far away from 'restlessness'! They were blissful! Kids running down small mountain paths, over the rocks and down through jungle grass- it was a wonderful sight. The labels of 'specials kids' that we had attached had melted away. These were children – like any other- having fun, enjoying themselves even in the hot blistering sun of that April day.

As I sat around the bonfire that night, I saw these broken myths go up in flames…perhaps, children need children to play with, freedom to run and play to their heart’s content. Perhaps we can be children too, sometimes at least….It was beautiful to be in the laps of nature – that it was the rugged surrounding of the summer and the not the gentle greenness of the after rains, did not seem to matter. ‘Mother nature’ is quite an apt phrase. Each one of us had beautiful memorable moments to carry back with us.

On our way back, the bus seemed to be carrying tired, happy children and parents….for all of us had taken new steps, all of us had achieved something new, conquered a part of ourselves and turned victorious. And so it shall be each time we explore our potential and capabilities and widen our horizon. However, the bus was not quiet. There was much laughter and happiness coming from the ‘dumb charades’ that the volunteers had initiated. In them I saw the youthful energy and enthusiasm. Spreading from them, touching all those around. Almost making us forget our ‘worldly worries’. In them I saw the hope of a sensitive world. A world of sharing and caring. A world ready to embrace all as its own..... Thank you dear volunteers!

Cheers to all of us!


April 23, 2010 at 3:48 AM avalok said...

Very well written piece!

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