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Bubbles staff are very knowledgeable and dedicated to helping kids with learning difficulties. Our kid has enhanced his social skills over the time he attended the classes here. The games and the techniques used in the class are quite creative stimulating children's imagination. There seems to be a good emphasis on "Life Skills" rather than just academic texts. The stage shows encouraged by the teachers have greatly improved the self esteem and the confidence of the kids.

Shwetha Tiwari

My son has been enrolled into Bubbles for the last 6 months for the evening programme. I also used to bring him for the Saturday classes. " Bubbles' as the name implies has been extremely helpful for our children in many ways.

Bubbles goes up in sky like a colouful, round structure which is so light, beautiful, gives us fun and we enjoy seeing it.

The school run by Sarbani and Karuna has lots of energy, vitality, understanding and acceptance of our children. I have lots of respect for both because they not only have quality in their work, they also have a complete package of commitment, hardwork, and an experience which gives us lots of satisfaction. We came to know about our children working level and the gaps and the deficits we need to work upon.

My son has greatly improved in terms of behaviours in last 6 months and learning is also slowly happening.

I like Sarbani very much. Her overall personality is very impressive and heartening for all mothers.

Karuna is equally good. I am very happy for having put my son here.


My daughter is 7 years old. We are coming to Bubbles from past 6 months. She is attending afternoon school from 12pm to 3pm and also for evening session(Language through play) 3 days in a week. Since, she is mild autistic, she was lagging behind in the areas of communication, language and socialization. After we joined her in Language session, her understanding and receptive part improved, still it takes time for her to participate in the group and expressive part of speech. She comes for Saturday session also. She enjoys a lot, since it is only play programmes that day. I am very happy, now she started memory recollection. Earlier it was only 1 word. Now 4 to 5 instances she tries to say and forms her own sentences. Because of yoga and exercise programmes now she is improved in fine motor imitation. In the Bubbles school, they introduced turn taking and winning concept games. Now she is understanding turn taking and small board games playing in the group. I am working each and everything with their guidance. The teaching techniques are good. And I am happy they give up goals to reach and meet targets according to their level. The most important part is that Karuna hndles my child, and they concentrate more on making her independent and in her self-help skills. During Fridays, in demonstration classes, are very helpful. Sarbani is very good in all aspects like guiding us and to overcome all the behavioural problems. I am very much satisfied with all the programmes my daughter is going through, we are seeing improvement also. We wish to continue in Bubbles.


My son is 6 years old now. He started going to Bubbles school from last year for the special need services, intended for improving sitting tolerance in a group. The session in Bubbles which he attended is a 2 hour programme that includes story time, games, movement with music, other physical activities, etc. He improved a lot from this programme in terms of sitting tolerance, understanding the rules of the games and following instructions. This year he is into the "Language Programme" which is conducted in one hour sessions 3 days a week. Even though he has difficulty in understanding many concepts, he is able to follow through the programme with the home support and guidance from the teachers. As a mother, I am able to understand the areas where he needs help and attention and where I have to focus. Each term ends with an assessment which highlights subjectivity, the areas of of strength and difficulties. This is key to setting expectations that are practical and encouraging for the child. Overall the programme is excellent and the effort the faculty at Bubbles put for these children is commendable


My son is 6.5 years old. He was diagnosed for PDD-Nos . From last year, he has joined Bubbles for the evening programme "Language Through Play". The programme is so structured and once the children are in the class, the programme starts without any confusion. Children don't have any tension inside and the goals are alos achieved and no compromise on that. I can ee a tremendous improvement in his development. He is managing in class with some extra support from the class teachers.


I have a son who is diagnosed with PDD nos. He is into mainstreaming, but he had issues in school in communication and following the rules of a classroom and rules of games. Bubbles has a holistic approach to Autism. Sarbani Mallick uses various ways and methods to teach for the children with autism and developmental delays. My son is enrolled for the evening programme " Language Through Play" since last year. I can see tremendous improvement in communication and in understanding the rules of games. Apart from this, my son looks forward to coming to class regularly without missing because of the love and the warmth he gets from Sarbani and her team.


We had been recommended to start Sarbani Mallick's programme by Dr. Nalini Menon for our son who had been diagnosed with PDD-NOS. We started with a weekly social interaction class last year and seeing the immense improvement in my son we have moved onto a more comprehensive program including morning/evening/afternoon classes this year. Bubbles has a holistic approach to Autism intervention and the programme focuses on various aspects including social skills, self help, cognitive, language, fine/gross motor and play skills. Sarbani also uses a lot of innovative methods to make the programmes extremely effective. Along with the children, Sarbani also works closely with the parents-counselling them and ensuring that they are making the right choices.

Sarbani is extremely devoted to the cause of the special needs children and always goes the extra mile to ensure the overall benefit for the children.


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